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RENT: No Day But Today

RENT: No Day But Today


It’s hard to say exactly when I became a RENThead (dedicated fan of the Broadway show RENT, similar to Deadheads, people that followed around the Grateful Dead). I know that I heard the Original Broadway Cast (OBC) recording first and loved the music. I also recalled reading about people that called themselves “RENTheads” that camped out for a lottery to try for $20 tickets


Anthony Rapp as Hedwig

before each show.

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Urban Decay?

The other day when I came home from work, I was relieved to hear the tapping of a woodpecker. I was glad that the insect-eating bird had decided to stay in the area, considering that my neighbors had cut down three of the prime habitat dead trees in the alley behind my house in Pittsburgh.

Dead trees, better known as “snag” trees, are not all that common in the city, because the general public consensus is that if a tree is dead, it is unsightly and unattractive and should not be left standing. But in an alley, where they can do no harm and offer the benefit of wildlife habitat, it was sad for me to see snag trees lost.

 “My heart is broke, I have some glue,
help me inhale, mend it with you.”
-Kurt Cobain

Happy Valentine’s Day