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The Autumnal Equinox

Garden Witch Photo

Garden Witch Photo

The Autumnal Equinox arrived yesterday at 5:18 p.m. Also known as the September Equinox, it is a myth that the day and night are equal on the equinox. Another myth is that on the fall equinox, you can stand an egg on its end. A related folk tale is that it can only be balanced this way within a few hours before or after the precise time of the equinox.

While there is still light and warmth, autumn is a time of preparation to go to earth, to enter dormancy for winter’s rest. Recalling Greek mythology, autumn signals the time for the goddess Persephone to return to the underworld to live with her husband Hades.

Looking Out the Window

Looking Out the Window in the Local Area:We finally have some spring bulbs making their early appearances:



On March 3, Snowdrops started blooming in the GW’s garden in the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County

   Siberian Iris, Photo by Brian Dunst

On March 8, Siberian Iris began blooming in South Strabane, Washington County.  Thanks to Brian Dunst for contributing the photo.




Crocus, Photo by GW

On March 9, Crocus started blooming in Imperial, Allegheny County, and on March 12, they began blooming in the GW’s garden.