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RENT: No Day But Today

RENT: No Day But Today


It’s hard to say exactly when I became a RENThead (dedicated fan of the Broadway show RENT, similar to Deadheads, people that followed around the Grateful Dead). I know that I heard the Original Broadway Cast (OBC) recording first and loved the music. I also recalled reading about people that called themselves “RENTheads” that camped out for a lottery to try for $20 tickets


Anthony Rapp as Hedwig

before each show.

Being a fan of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” I became an instant Anthony Rapp fan after seeing him perform the lead role of Hedwig here during its run. For the uninitiated, Rapp originated the role of Mark, the filmmaker in the OBC of RENT.

Finally, a touring cast of RENT hit Pittsburgh and I was happy to finally see it live. From the very first moment to the last, the energy and emotion of the cast vibrated through the audience. It was so much better than I had hoped, and I knew that from then on, whenever I could see it again, I would.  That included a trip to New York City to see Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal reprise their original roles in RENT at the home of RENT at the Nederlander Theatre during the summer of 2007.  Now I will have the chance to see them together again here in Pittsburgh, and yes, as a dedicated RENThead, I will be attending multiple shows, as will many other local RENTheads.  Hey, it’s an addiction and we’re not ashamed!

People always ask what it is about RENT that produces such devoted fans. RENTheads may have different answers, but the basic theme usually comes back to loving, appreciating, and living each moment of every day, because it may be all you have left; it could be your last, make the most of it, and have no regrets.

“No Day But Today,” as creator Jonathan Larson put it. It’s a message that has resonated within me. I probably needed to hear it. It reminds me to stay in the present, the now and not dwell on the past. Don’t worry about yesterday’s mistakes, learn from them and move on. Only recently have I truly started to understand the freedom that this brings. That freedom allows me to appreciate and live No Day But Today. Thank you Jonathan Larson.

Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp

RENT  featuring Anthony Rapp, Adam Pascal and Gwen Stewart of the OBC will be at the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh from April 14-19, 2009
For tickets,

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