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Welcome Summer

The Summer Solstice arrived at 7:28 a.m. this morning, marking the official start of summer.

Garden Witch of Pittsburgh offers all apologies for being away so long. The winter of 2010 was not kind to many of us, and yours truly was one of those beset by post-snow shoveling maladies such as tendonitis and ulnar nerve damage (think of repeatedly hitting your funny bone and it becomes not so funny anymore) that hampered simple tasks such as typing on keyboards, gardening and the like.

But now summer is here and along with the first lightning bugs of the season, (Pennsylvania’s State Insect, in case you didn’t know that bit of trivia), I have a new visitor in my garden who seems to pop up to investigate whatever is in bloom. He appears to be a little bit shy, but I was able to capture a picture of him while he was making his way through one of my Lavender patches, in full bloom now.

Garden Witch Photo

Maybe I will be quicker with my camera or he will be less shy in the future as summer’s colorful blooms brighten up the garden. Wishing you few mosquito bites and happy gardening, I remain, your

Garden Witch of Pittsburgh

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